16 11 2012

So in April I’m whining about not writing and here it’s November and I’m almost done with a 50k novel. No, let’s correct that. I’ve almost written 50k words of a novel but am no where near a conclusion. Yeah, I’m usually at the 100k mark by the end of the month. I don’t have problems writing words. I have problems staying interested in what I’m writing. I’ve got two other novels started that I want to write while I’m just trying to make myself stick with this one. It is utter CRAP! It really is. Got bogged down with a love triangle that I didn’t see coming and I didn’t know why it was there. I see why now, but not sure where it’s going. Has two possibilites. But I had to write the scene three times, that was a lot of words. And then there is a lot of research I skipped over waiting to add that in when I have time. Details, wide swaths of details are missing. I’m just writing the bare bones. And somewhere there’s a plot, right now there is, but it seems to wander away pretty easily. Anyone else doing NaNo? Anyone else have trouble with their plot? I just can’t seem to stick with it, my storyline just wanders away and all these other problems keep coming up. So yeah, like I said, utter crap. I’d die if anyone other than my husband read it. (He doesn’t read).
But I have never tried to edit a story I’ve written during NaNo. I just drop it and go on to the next story. This time I will edit. Even if it means a complete rewrite. I will do it. If I can complete ten novels but never edit them, then I will never get published. I have to take the next step. So I’m wordy and yet, need more of the right words. My book might be 400 pages long. But I’m finishing THIS one and editing it. I’ll never learn if I don’t. And I’ve written down the ideas for the other novels so when I get totally frustrated, I can work on those.

Let me know if you’re doing NaNo and how it’s going.