Here Goes Something

21 01 2015

Well, apparently failure was an option, at least for me. I bombed the math portion of the GRE. But then I read in the FAQ’s that they expect us oldies who knew we weren’t going to use that math ever in our lives after we took those tests and who promptly forgot it, that we would do poorly on the “quantitative” part of the exam. That isn’t exactly how they worded it but for everyone that thinks they aren’t going to use that trig and calculus they are struggling through, you won’t. Unless you are going to teach it. Or are some kind of scientist or mechanical engineer or architect. But I’ve had most of them say they haven’t used it either. We have these great things called computers, even calculators that do all the “thinking” for us.

“Did Poorly” isn’t even close to what I did. I won’t even put down what I did. I wasn’t even sure I was going to share with my family. But it wouldn’t have taken much for me to miss EVERY question. That’s as close as I’ll get to telling you my real score. I just hope everything else I have blows them out of the water. I have a fallback school, but it’s out of state and much more expensive.

But what if I do get in? I should explain. I am applying to grad school. Something I was too afraid to do when I was a fresh out of the cap and gown BA holder. I attended as a post Bac. student but was too scared to see an advisor. My first advisor in school killed himself and I was kind of scared of advisors after that. I was scared to ask for help. Not anymore. I have needed lots of help since then and it has come in many forms.

But Grad School. I will probably be the oldest one there. I am used to being invisible so I don’t really like that part of it. But I’ve never been more sure of what I want to do. But school. Man. Still I always have loved school. I love learning. I love sharing my skills with others. I just hope some other mom has decided to have a career this late in her life. I don’t want to be the mother hen to everyone in the school. Look at me assuming I’ll get in. 🙂 Never hurts to be positive, right??

Anyone out there reading? Am I crazy to go back to school at this age? Yeah, I think I am, but what fun is life if you don’t take a few risks and I’ve been sitting on the safe side for far too long. So here I go. Hitting send. There it goes.

Now I get to wait with millions of other college students to get their acceptance letters. 🙂